Saturday, June 13, 2015


Engineer Nicholas Gumbo, member of the National Assembly and MP for Rarienda is at it again. Hardly two days after he and his National Assembly colleagues denied Dr Monica Juma the post of Secretary to the Cabinet, he is now warning Nyachae to dare rub the MPs the wrong way. Mr Charles Nyachae, the Chairman of the Constitution Implementation Commission (CIC), on Friday made a stinging attack on the conduct of the National Assembly that they exhibited on Thursday. Nyachae's views were shared by Mr Moses Kuria, MP for Gatundu who criticized his fellow Jubilee Coalition MPs. Mr Kuria said that by rejecting the President's nomination, the Jubilee MPs were out to frustrate Uhuru's development agenda.

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Engineer Gumbo, who swore to teach Nyachae the same lesson the National Assembly taught Dr Monica Juma was not alone on this. The Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Justin Muturi was quick to defend the rejection of Dr Juma by the MPs. He scoffed at Mr Nyachae's threat to take the matter to court saying that it's an exercise in futility. He further defended the house saying it was within its mandate and that no one should seek to direct the MPs on what to do. However it's not lost on Kenyans that the same house that he leads gave him a dress down a while back. The Speaker knows which side of the bread is buttered.
On another twist, it is alleged that the President did not actually intend to have Dr Juma assume the position he nominated her. Former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka alleged that this was yet another drama stage managed from State House. During a press conference on Friday, Kalonzo pointed out that had Kenyatta really wanted Dr Juma, he would have intervened and used his numerical strength in the National Assembly to get the approval. Indeed when Ms Anne Waiguru faced a censure motion in the National Assembly, all State House literally deployed all energies and resources to frustrate the motion by whipping the Jubilee Coalition MPs to reject it. Given Jubilee's numerical strength in Parliament. The Speaker also seemed to be in a hurry to dispense of the motion in spite of Aden Duale's efforts to have the motion extended for a period of 10 more days ostensibly to buy more time to whip MPs. Mr Muturi's body language at the floor of the house did not help matters.

And to reinforce Kalonzo's claim that the government was not serious on Monica Juma's nomination, Aden Duale, leader of majority in the National Assembly, on Saturday led a group of MPs from his North Eastern region to castigate Nyachae.

Back to Gumbo's threat on Nyachae, what are the chances the MPs can gang and throw out Nyachae from the CIC? The answer is Nil. First the CIC is an independent Commission and is within it mandate of ensuring the constitution is implemented correctly both in letter and spirit. Secondly, Nyachae is seen as being sympathetic to the Jubilee government. It should also not be lost to many Kenyans that Nyachae senior, his father, endorsed and supported Uhuru during the last General Election which ushered Uhuru to power. The Senior Nyachae is a man of immense wealth and commands great influence among the Gusii people who form a huge voting block. Any attempts on the younger Nyachae will obviously not be taken lying down. Neither the Jubilee nor the CORD coalitions will not want to be seen to antagonize the Kisii political constituency.

The National Assembly is, on a daily basis, delineating itself from the public.
Kenyans will wait to see what happens next as, most likely, the CIC will this week go to court. The government may also intervene and seek a truce between the CIC and the National Assembly in order to avoid publicly embarrassing itself on this matter.

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