Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Uhuru, Liberate Kibera From Blood Sucking Slum Dog Millionaires!

By Kinyua Njeri
There is nothing as hard as helping a stupid poor person. No matter how you help them, they will never be there to appreciate the help you accord them. There is nothing you can do to help them. If you buy them food, they will go ahead to insult you when they are satisfied. What do you do to such people? Leave them alone?!

When they languish in poverty, they seem to enjoy. Poverty makes them even more loyal to their bosses. Bosses? Yes, Slum Dog Millionaires’! These are people who gain articulately from the trash, poverty that flounder the underprivileged masses. And they know how to scheme it right. Whenever there is someone who wants to deliver the masses from the poverty, the slum dog millionaire will do virtually anything to thwart such endeavors.

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Eventually, the poor remain poor, while the slum dog millionaire remains rich. He grows more affluent day in day out. But where does he get the money? Well, though the slums are symbols of paucity, they have a great opportunity for politics and other black-market businesses. Slums have very many prominent millionaires who gain a lot from the sickening backward conditions of the area. They will only be happy when the people are flying toilets at supersonic speed. They will never be glad to see their people being delivered from this.

How do they maintain this? Slum Dog Millionaires ensure they remain politically relevant in the slum. You see, politics has a way of controlling other facets of life. They know that whenever they are at the helm of politics, they can easily regulate development projects. Thus, as long as the idea of development ideas are not disseminating from them, they will taint, frustrate, impede and hurl all kinds of flying toilets on the projects!

Hypothesis aside. Let’s talk about our home legendary ghetto- Kibera! It happens to be Africa’s second biggest, and world’s dirtiest! No other favela in the world is as dirty as this place. Or where else will you find people (in their full sanity and maturity) flying their alimentary wastes? All members of the Kingdom Animalia are known to bury it well!

Recently, the government has tried to upgrade the living standards of the people living in this place. Through the Cabinet Secretary of Devolution, Cs Ann Waiguru, there has been tremendous development projectes. The purlieu dwellers no longer need to through their human wastes. Toilets have been built at the world’s best standards!

Also, through the National Youth Service (NYS), a number of health facilities and roads have been established. But there is a problem. Raila Odinga, the person who has been Kibera’s leader for over 20 years, has consistently said that his constituents should not be helped by the government in anyway. He insists that the whole idea is to reduce the power of his grip in the politics of Kibera. That is the reason why he wants the dedicated Cabinet Secretary evicted!

No one says he is a Slum Dog Millionaire, okay? Slum Dog Millionaire is an Indian movie that has a character who owns millions and makes money from trash. He is celebrated by everyone in the slum and actually, anyone who opposes his idea, or tries to improve the living standards of people living here is killed!

But what about Raila- the celebrated hero of democracy, the engineer graduate from Germany, the longest serving leader in Kibera, the 2nd Prime Minister in Kenya? He will never let the people get helped. He is sure that when these people are helped, he will not have the grip he has always enjoyed. This is the reason why he once had the idea of a ‘Kazi Kwa Vijana’ project. Well, the whole idea was brilliant. But at the 2013 presidential debate, asked why how his project helped the youth, he boldly said that it was meant to ‘Put money in the pockets of the youth’.

This seemed brilliant an idea. But it is just one of those fallacies of trying to help people. When you give a man a fish, he will always come back for more. He will even be ready to lick your boots, as long as he is sure that you will provide the meal for the day. Hunger will even drive him to worship you! That is the reason why Raila could not have taught Kenyan Youth ‘how to fish’, by giving them the capital to start businesses and live their dreams, lest they become independent from him!

And therefore, of the burning of toilets and clinics in Kibera, there is no one to blame. But definitely, our minds have someone who wanted such a thing done. The government should ensure that it does its work without getting discouraged. Improving the living standards of the people of Kibera is mandatory for the government. No matter what the Slum Dog Millionaires squeal, the dedicated Jubilee government should do its best. The main focus should be liberating Kibera from the bloodsucking Slum Dog Millionaires!

{The writer is a commentator and blogger with The Informer. He is also the Secretary of Student Affairs in the TNA Youth League.}

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