Thursday, June 11, 2015

Why Nyeri Women Chop Off Their Men Transformers..And How To Avoid Being A Victim If You Planning To Marry One

Chances that your g3nitals will be chopped are highest if and when you settle with a woman from Nyeri. The latest case is that of Ms Valentine Mugure aged 25 who attacked her partner Mr Paul Mwangi,26, with a knife and twice stabbed his genitals rendering his manhood useless. Mr Mwangi , a cashier, has been admitted at the Nyeri Public Hospital While Valentine has been remanded until the mention of the case on June 15.

Here are some of the reasons why you will be a victim:

Most women in Nyeri are the breadwinners and wield power. If a man misbehaves they know where it hurts most.

Nyeri women have a very high temper

Most men are powerless down their because of imbibing cheap illicit brews

It’s a form of showing who has power in the household

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How to avoid being a victim:

Always ensure sharp objects like knives, pangas, razor blades are not in sight when you are a confrontation

Ensure she doesn’t know how much you know e.g if you earn 20,000 tell her you earn 10,000

When she has a hot temper don’t argue but walk out. The repercussion can be dire if you insist

When the situation is likely to boil over seek solace to either a friend or relative house

If drank sleep at a friend house

Most importantly-Be submissive at all times.

Hope the above pointers are useful for those who wish to marry from Nyeri.

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