Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Al Shabaab Scare In KEMU Leaves Two Students Badly Injured (See Details)

A terrorist attack drill conducted at KEMU in Meru county, ahead of Saturday graduation ceremony, nearly turned tragic after students jumped through their hostel windows.

The students and staff scampered for safety when they heard gunshots at around 2.30 pm, reports the Nairobi News. The students thought it was the Al Shabaab who had attacked the institution-only to learn later that it was a drill that was being conducted by police officers.

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Students were left traumatized by the exercise that left two students nursing injuries. A student was quoted as saying:

“We are still scared. I hope the university will take more security measures to ensure we are safe…”

North Imenti Deputy County Commissioner Jim Njoka and Administration Police Commandant Peter Karanja said that the drill was successful.

“Kemu University is calm and peaceful. We are on top gear and security is fine. We are happy that everybody seems to be aware there is a security threat in the whole country and the university’s level of preparedness must go a notch higher…”

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