Friday, July 17, 2015

Babu Owino's Speech during Campaigns............This Guy Most Be Using Banned Substances (Very Funny)

I stumbled on Babu Owino campaign speech and I found it to be ridiculously funny. This guy is either a political wizard or simply a nutcase.

Check Out the speech.
Comrades Tialalalala.No matter how lazy a woman is, she cannot forget her buttocks at home. No matter how short a man is,he cannot be shorter than his p3n!s. Comrades power! Comrades akchuu. Comrades riiah.

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When i was the Sonu chair,comrades ate chicken..when i left they ate like chicken, and today they're eating with chicken. Comrade tiiaaalala! I'm proud to study at the ONLY University not named after dead people.But SONU is dead,and it didn't die a natural death.

It was killed by the administration, And thus Magoha and Mbeche must be disappointed and somebody else appointed.Yes, the fly that patches on the scrotum must be handled delicately. Whether quail eggs fall on the balls or the balls fall on the quail eggs, it is the quail eggs that break.

Allow me to be as brief as a cock on a hen. Comrades power! My opponents are admin puppets. Pk has been in Sonu for three years. He is an academic dwarf. His running mate served as a Sexretary General instead of secretary general. Comrades vote me and i will fight for you with zeal n zest like the bulls of spain or the women or Homa Bay....Time has come for change, comrades, no man uses a condom twice.

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