Friday, July 24, 2015

Barrack Obama Lands In Kenya....Unwanted Ruto Stays Away As Uhuru Welcomes POTUS (See Photos)

The US President Barrack Obama is in the country. The US President Air Force One touched down at the JKIA at exactly 20:03. He was welcomed by President Uhuru Kenyatta, Foreign Affairs CS among other top government officials.

The most notable absentee was Deputy President William Ruto. Speculation has been rife that Barrack Obama wont met the DP who is facing crime agaisnt humanity charges at the ICC. Ruto may have been advised to stay away from Obama welcoming party to avoid any embarrassing moments. When asked by journalists if Ruto would meet the US President, Uhuru tactically evaded the question instead saying that the DP was part of the Jubilee administration.

Obama hugged his sister and drove with her in his official limousine 'the Beast'. He also took time to talk to Uhuru Kenyatta son Jomo.

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