Central MPs Accuse Raila Of Supplying Ethanol That Is Used To Prepare Killer Brews In The Region To Reduce Their Numbers In 2017…..(See Details)


Cord leader Raila Odinga is supplying ethanol from Kisumu molasses plant that is used to prepare the killer brews that have rendered youths from the region useless, reports Politica.

According to the blog, the leaders have reduced the war on illicit brews to a political fight against Raila Odinga. It is alleged that the war on illicit has gained a lot of credence as it is associated with stopping Raila from destroying the region and reduce their numbers ahead of 2017 polls.

It is said that NIS officials informed the leaders at a meeting organized at State House that the ethanol used by brewers came from Raila’s Kisumu Molasses plant.

Raila Odinga is yet to respond to the allegations.

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