Friday, July 10, 2015

Hunter Narrates Encounter With Heavily Armed Al Shabaab Militants In Boni Forest…….(See Details)

Al Shabaab militants were spotted in Milimanu, Boni forest by a hunter, the star reports.

The hunter said that the terrorist threatened to kill him if he revealed their locations to security agents. The unidentified hunter said that the militants had foreigners who looked at ease in their ranks.
He was quoted by the Star as saying:

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“They were heavily armed and kept on moving with their luggage on their backs. They had an assortment of weapons, including rocket launchers…”

The hunter said among the militants were foreigners who looked relaxed while some spoke in fluent Swahili and mother tongue. Some of the fighters are said to be residents of Lamu.

A senior police said that the militants don’t kill hunters and they even ask honey from them:
“The attackers never kill the hunters. In fact, at times they ask them for honey. The hunter who reported has been moved to a safer place.”

The militants are believed to be working with local sympathisers who give them intelligence on police movements.

It is said that the militants are planning to attack Diani, Kwale county to avenge the killing of their 11 colleagues by KDF last month.

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