Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Will Not Join Jubilee Under Any Circumstances, Karua States Hinting She Will Work With Cord

Straight talking Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua has categorically stated that she won’t work with the Jubilee government “Under any circumstances”.

The firebrand politician said that her role in the opposition was to keep the leaders in government on their toes so that they can deliver on the many promises they made to Kenyans.

Karua, who was appearing on Citizen TV, said that she supported the government as a private citizen.

"I support the government as a private citizen but I do not share in the ideas of Jubilee. I also do not want to defect from Narc Kenya.."

"Why do Kenyans think everybody must work for government? Narc Kenya is not a lone-ranger party. Some of our ideas have been used by our opponents and have succeeded."

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She hinted at joining hands with other like-minded parties in the opposition to form a formidable force. Karua went on to say that she will run in the 2017 presidential polls.

"This makes for an even stronger opposition. Our MPs, those in opposition, should know what their role in Parliament is and execute it,"

"I am satisfied that I did my part well in offering myself for presidency. I now know what to do and what not to do,"

"We accept that the playing field is not level for women in leadership, but this is not how to address past injustices," she said.

"We must hold the Jubilee government to account. Even their manifesto outlines that they will champion for women leadership."

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