Friday, July 10, 2015

Must Read: What Happens To Money In Your MPESA Account When You Die…..(Find Out)

Courtesy of Safaricom

Genuine questions have been raised on what happens to money in any M-PESA account if someone passes on.
The funds held in M-PESA accounts can be passed on to a customer’s next of kin once claims from the beneficiary are validated. We require that the next of kin should visit any Safaricom Shop and provide certain documents for inspection and approval before any funds can be released.

The next of kin will be required to present the below documents to Safaricom in order to claim a deceased customer’s M-PESA funds:-

For M-PESA accounts having more than Kshs. 30,000

Copy of the Death Certificate
Copy of ID of Next of Kin
Grant of probate; where an M-PESA subscriber dies and has written a will
Letters of Administration; where a person dies without a will.

For M-PESA accounts having less than Kshs. 30,000

Affidavit administered by a Commissioner for Oaths and sworn by the claimant
Death Certificate (Burial permit will NOT be accepted).
Letter from Provincial Administration of the deceased’s area of residence or letters of administration
Next of Kin’s ID and copy to be retained.

However in cases of dispute, the next of kin will be required to provide Letters of administrations or grant of probate.

In instances where the funds are not claimed by the customers’ next of kin we are required to submit these funds to the Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority (UFAA). The funds submitted to the UFAA are those that have been dormant for a period of two years either due to inactivity on the M-PESA Account or where a customer is deceased and the funds have not been claimed by the next of kin.

Where funds have been submitted to the UFAA the next of kin can still claim them from the UFAA by filing a claim with them. The next of kin will be required to provide certain documentation as will be advised by the UFAA.

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