Mzee Ojwang’ Wasted His Money On Prost!tut3s At Sabina Joy, Alai Claims (See Video)


Legendary actor Mzee Ojwang’ allegedly squandered his money on women and acohol, Robert Alai has claimed on a post appearing on his facebook wall.

The actor, who will be laid to rest today, is said to have spent most of his time at Sabina Joy entertaining women. Alai went on to claim that Mama Kayai was a liar who gave false information regarding the amount of pay they received from KBC.

The post read:

I have learnt that KBC paid the Vitimbi and Vioja Mahakamani so well.

In fact most of these actors have really invested and have had their children taken to Western schools.

Most of these actors have a starting monthly (not per project) salary of Ksh 250,000. Ojwang’ was paid Ksh 300,000 from 2005 and the money was UNTAXED.

I think that it’s extremely dishonest and careless for Mama Kayai and others to claim that they cared so much about Ojwang’ while they cared to invest their earnings but left Mzee Ojwang’ to die a pauper because all his money went to Sabina Joy joints. Mama Kayai even led the team that chased Ojwang’ from the Vitimbi show which is on DSTV. Why did they go to DSTV without him if they loved him?

They even approached KBC 10 years ago demanding that they stop working with Ojwang’. People need not be dishonest. Mama Kayai we respect you but tell the truth about Ojwang’. Actors must stand up and say the truth. We can’t blame KBC when it fulfilled its obligations.

See the video below of the Judge admitting on TV how they were well paid.
Click Here To Watch Video:

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