Thursday, July 30, 2015

Sad Details Of How Mzee Ojwang’ Wasted His Sh300,000 Salary On Booze & Women Emerge (See Details)

One of Kenyan greatest actor Mzee Ojwang’ was laid to rest yesterday at the Langata cemetery. His life has been the subject of discussion in the recent past after he fell ill and had to ask for medical assistance from well-wishers.

His fellow Vitimbi actors then accused KBC of neglecting Ojwang’ at his hour of need. They went on to claim that they were hounded out of KBC like stray dogs after working at the stations diligently. Mama Kayai, Ojwang onset wife, was the most vocal. She accused KBC of paying them peanuts.

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It has however emerged that the actors were handsomely paid. According to a post appearing on Robert Alai facebook page, Mzee Ojwang pocketed Sh300,000 monthly salary. Another story appearing on Ghalfa went on to paint Ojwang’ as an alcoholic who squandered his money at a popular joint in the CBD.

Part of the story read:

He was almost a permanent fixture in that dingy club,with worn out chairs, old posters,bad music and a coterie of rude grimacing waitresses.

'Hapa ndio mshahara yote ya Ojwang ilikuwa inakam. Yote. Nilikuwa nakuja namkuta hapa... Naenda... Narudi kesho namkuta hapa.. Amelewa kama nonsense! Hawa wasee walijiwaste na tei mazee.... '

Alcohol menace is a real problem in the country the young and old alike. It's upon the government and religious institutions to come up with robust intervention to curtail this disease. May Mzee Ojwang soul rest in eternal peace.

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