Sad: Online Dating Turns Tragic For Kenyan Woman Lured To The US & Forced Into P()n()gR@phy, Videos Shared Online……(See Details)


Love turned sour

A woman’s dream to find a loving white husband who would give her a good life away from the shackles of poverty has turned into a nightmare. Through the advice of a friend, Laura Imali joined an online dating site known as Unknown to Laura this would be the beginning of her journey to hell.

The unsuspecting Kenyan lady met a white man, who went by the name Ted S, on the site and a budding relationship blossomed. According to Cynthia Khamati, who introduced Laura to the dating site, the man came to Kenya to meet Laura. Her friend even confided to her that she was receiving cash from her lover.

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A video that has been making heavy rotation on social media of Laura being s3xu@lly abused by two white men jolted Cynthia to act. Her face looked like she had been assaulted and in pain. Laura and the white guy had stayed in Kenya for a month before his visa expired and he went back to the US. He was to later sent Laura air tickets to join him in the US.

Cynthia efforts to reach Laura in vain as her Facebook account had been deactivated.

Cynthia told the Nairobian:
“I met her through a mutual friend, but we were not close, although we could occasionally meet and go clubbing. We didn’t know about each other’s background or family, it was a relationship that wasn’t too strong,”

She went on to say that she did not force her to join the site:
“Laura was single when she came for advice, so I asked whether she has tried dating sites. She wanted to know which one and I told her to join

“It was just chitchat but she however joined the site,”

Cynthia said that he met the white man in Kenya and he looked affable.

“He looked decent and had great personality. He was aged between 34 and 37, but we didn’t talk much about….”

Cynthia said that they lost contact until last week when she received an e-mail with a video attached. What she saw shocked her. Laura was being pulled by the hair, and forced to perform oral sex on two white men. Tears flowed from her face as the two men called her name. The site where the video was uploaded prides itself as being the ‘extreme rough white men on black women interracial sex.’

The man who lured Laura has uploaded over 12,000 videos featuring sexual acts with black girls.

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