Tabitha Karanja Keroche Breweries Products Are Among Those Killing Kikuyus…They Contain This Poisonous Element…(See Details)


Crescent Vodka, a Product of Keroche Breweries, is said to contain lead which is poisonous if it accumulates in the human body in large quantities, according to area leaders.

This was what led the area MP John Kihagi and Hells Gate MCA Jonathan Warothe to storm the breweries accompanied by marauding youths in attempt to destroy the product and loot. The two demanded that the products be tested afresh to gauge their suitability.

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Kihagi was quoted at the breweries gate as saying:

“Nothing can be compared with human life. Not the expensive machines or these buildings. So those spirits must be tested again by the relevant agencies to prove their suitability.”

Keroche CEO Tabatha Karanja however reads malice from the area MP. Tabitha is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country.

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