Friday, July 24, 2015

This Is What Is Happening To Omosh Of Tahidi High & His Struggle With Alcoholism….(See Details)

Early this year Tahidi High of Tahidi High was the talk of gossip blogs with claims that he had been kicked from the popular program on Citizen TV for over indulging in alcohol. The award winning actor, one blog claimed, was a regular at mama pima joints.

According to the blog that first carried the story, Omosh is totally broke and survives on handouts from well share. His health has deteriorated and he looks all frail from excessive consumption of alcohol.
The actor lives in a rundown shackle in Shauri Moyo where he frequents drinking joints to beg for cheap liquor.

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Early this year Omosh was involved in a car accident along the Nakuru-Nairobi highway. He was lucky to survive with only minor injuries. The actor was driving the car he had borrowed from a friend while he was intoxicated. Hopefully he will manage to disentangle himself from the alcohol addiction.
Now Omosh seems to have got is act together and is one of the prominent faces in Tahidi High. Alcoholism is a disease and the actor needs support to come out of the addiction.

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