Monday, July 13, 2015

Three Women Die In Police Car After IED Explosion In Lamu Suspected To Have Been Planted By Al Shabaab….(See Details)

File Photo Courtesy of The Star
Three women have died in Lamu after a police car they were traveling in exploded. The incident left six other injured and one police officer missing.

The car had apparently hit an improvised explosive device that was planted by Al Shabaab militants. It is said that the Kenya Police Officers had travelled from Garissa county to Hindi area in Lamu to get food supplies.

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According to the Star, the officers were heading to their duty post when the incident occurred.

Efforts to reach the missing officer on phone have been futile according to the county coordinator police commander Chrispus Mutali.

A civilian and police officer were rushed to hospital in critical condition. Eight survivors of the 12 PM incident were taken to Baragoni military camp but later released.

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