Thursday, July 9, 2015

Uhuru Is Allegedly Using Fight against Alcohol As Cover To Absorb Kikuyu Youths In NYS Militia….(See Details)

There is more than meets the eyes in the fight against illicit alcohol in Central, according to a post appearing on Robert Alai timeline.

The post, by the unnamed individual from Central, states that this is a ploy to use the alcohol issue to recruit youths from Central in NYS in the name of rehabilitation.

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The post reads:

Hi Alai

DONT MENTION MY NAME: I am a Kikuyu but the alcohol issue in Central is being used to cover up something else. The idea is how to absorb more Kikuyu youth in NYS and police service in the name of rehabilitation.

As 41 tribes think of alcohol, the service will be filled by one tribe. That's the message give to us by the Kikuyu legislators spearheading the illicit campaign.

The affected youth will be absorbed in youth service and police service after 3 months rehabilitation

Meanwhile John Githongo has claimed that the NYS militia is now being refered to as Turihamwe. He posted this on twitter:

Chilling that this NYS militia is already being called 'turihamwe' - name taken from Rwanda's 'interahamwe'..

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