Saturday, July 18, 2015

Uhuru To Decide If Ruto Will Meet Obama….(See Details)

It is upto President Uhuru Kenyatta to decide if William Ruto will meet Barrack Obama, American Ambassador Robert Godec has said.

The fact that Ruto is an ICC suspect will make it a bit complicated for him to engage with Obama. The DP was snubbed by Secretary of State John Kerry when he visited the country in May. This is informed by the US policy of only having essential contacts with ICC suspects.

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Speaking on Jeff Koinange Live the Ambassador said:
“That [a Ruto, Obama meeting] is a question really for the government of Kenya, so I think we leave that question to them,”

“We haven't made a final decision about the different meetings that are going to take place and, ultimately, there would be decisions about who is in what session and what's going to happen, but those questions really have to go to the government of Kenya.

What is clear is that Obama will attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, which begins on July 25, and hold talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta…..”

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