Wednesday, July 22, 2015

UoN Students Haven’t Committed Suicide Or Defecated On Tree Planted By Obama But Allegedly Burnt It Down After He Snubbed The Institution (See Details)

University of Nairobi students have allegedly burnt a tree planted by President Obama after he snubbed the institution for Kenyatta University. The tree was planted at the institution in 2006 when Barrack was the Illinois Senator.

The students, led by SONU chairman Babu Owino, had threatened to commit suicide and defecate on the tree if the US President failed to visit the university. We cannot however independently verify if the tree is indeed in UoN.

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The letter from Babu Owino to the US embassy demanding that Obama should visit the institution came under sharp criticism from President Uhuru who termed it as ‘upuzi’. Uhuru however went on to invite the SONU chair for dinner at State House with Obama.

In a show of disrespect to President Uhuru and Obama the students went onto burn the tree.

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