Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why Kikuyu Men Are Obsessed With Luo Foreskin As Their ‘Transformers’ Continue To Be Chopped Off….

The genesis of Kikuyu-Luo mistrust and bad blood, if you will, traces its roots in the late 1960s. The Luo community accused the Kenyatta regime “Kiambu Mafia” for assassinating political maverick Tom Mboya in broad daylight.

Then shortly thereafter a lot of heat was generated when former Vice President and doyen of Kenyan opposition politics Jaramogi Oginga Odinga was detained without trial. More prominent personalities from the community continued dying in mysterious circumstances.

Kikuyu’s on their part blamed Luo’s for being loose cannons. This is best exemplified by the October 29,1969 attack dubbed ‘Russia Hospital incident’ on President Kenyatta’s motorcade in Kisumu. The President bodyguards were forced to shoot their way out of the mob that was baying for his blood for allegedly being behind the assassination of Tom Mboya and Argwings Kodhek.

The rivalry between the two tribes has not simmered down save for 2002 polls albeit briefly. Former President Mwai Kibaki could have not sailed through if he had not received the support of Raila Odinga. It was the former Prime Minister who said the magical words ‘Kibaki Tosha’ that helped Kibaki sail to the Presidency.

Raila then became the darling of Kikuyus in 2002 polls but the relationship was not to last for long. Kibaki and his henchmen went against the MOU signed between the two parties. It was clear that Central was not ready to cede any power to a ‘Kihii’.

Truth be told, Central leaders have poisoned their lot to believe that an uncircumcised man cannot lead the country. The obsession with the foreskin can be seen on social media and the victim of such barbs is none other than Raila Odinga.

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While this post may do little to change the minds of my brothers from central its worth pointing out that the most powerful man in the world Barrack Obama traces his roots in Luo Nyanza. And research has shown that more Central women prefer to be married by Luo men.

The fact that Kikuyu women are chopping off their men ‘transformers’ tells a lot. Women in Central are providers in their families as the men-who are circumcised and are supposed to be head of the families, over indulge in cheap liquor waiting for hand-outs from politicians.

Which community in Kenya names their children after their mothers? I have seen men whose surnames are Wanjiku, Wairumu etc but no one judges them as we know women in the community are the providers.

Luo’s have continued to flourish and write history in arts and sports. Lupita Nyongo made Kenya and Africa proud by winning the Oscars.

It’s upon the Kikuyus to stop the narrow minded judgement of Luo’s based on the foreskin.

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