DJ Izrael Claims Phil Is Gay After He Accused Him Of Asking Sh50k Bribe To Play His Video (See Details)


The war of words between gospel artist Phil and DJ Izrael is far from over. The gospel artist had claimed that DJ Izrael had solicited for a bribe of Kshs 50K to play his video.

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According to a screenshot of the chat, the DJ is trying to negotiate with the artist before they settled for the figure.

Izrael has rubbished the claims saying that the artist is gay and he has this notion that he was the one who leaked the information.

It is alleged that Phil Jay was accused of being gay and he suspected Izrael of being behind the rumors thus the bad blood. Artistes see this as a tactic by DJ Izrael to divert attention from the serious accusations of bribery being leveled agaisnt him.

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