Growth of Uhuru Kenyatta From Political Diapers To An Average President…


For those who have been keenly following the politics of President Uhuru Kenyatta since he took the helms of power from Mwai Kibaki will agree that he has matured somewhat.

For starters he has realized that the public display affection with Deputy President William Ruto was doing him no favours in the eyes of the public. The two looked like excitable high school dudes who had emerged victorious in some festivals.

Whoever advised the two against hugging and wearing the same suits did them one big favour. President Uhuru has also managed to brush off politicians who can be termed as rabble rousers.

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Nairobi Senator Mike Mbuvi Sonko has been elbowed from the inner circle of President Uhuru. Sonko had the temerity of calling the President and putting him on speaker phone in the full glare of the media. The Nairobi Senator has been reduced to a bystander and rightly so.

Uhuru is also said to be in the process of expelling some of his political advisors. One such character whose departure is said to be imminent is former Cherangany MP Joshua Kutuny.

Another commendable change of diapers can be seen in the war, albeit half-hearted, on corruption. The President has been able to suspend his Cabinet Ministers to pave way for investigation into alleged corrupt dealings in their respective ministries. It is yet to be seen how the Jubilee is serious on this front.

His stand on gayism in the face of the most powerful man in the world is indeed worth a mention. Uhuru made it clear that the gay question was a non-issue and was not in line with Kenya norms.

It must be said that the President still has a lot of growing to do before he can be said to be have reached political maturity. He, for example, must realize that he is a President of Kenyans and not a select few.

He must work on his outbursts that put him in bad light. He should not be a knee jerk President but should be able to calculate his every move meticulously.

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