Monday, August 3, 2015

Moha of Jicho Pevu Fame To Run For Parliamentary Seat On An ODM Ticket (See Details)

Fearless investigative journalist Mohammed Ali is set to join elective politics in the 2017 polls. The award winning journalist is said to be eyeing the Nyali Parliamentary seat currently held by Hezron Awiti on an ODM ticket.

Moha has in the past been criticised the government in the manner the muslim community in the face of widespread terror attacks in the country.

The speculations were further fuelled by political activist Boniface Mwangi who has vowed to support Moha to the end. He tweeted:
“@MateHabiby: The past is always tense, the future perfect….2017 Cc @MohaJichoPevu “<~You both have my vote. #Ukweli”

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Another forum on Facebook supporting Moha candidature is fast gaining momentum. Some of the messages on the page read:

“For those who truelly believe in transperance and accountability in leadership be prepared for new kid on the block 2017 here we come inshaAllah (sic).”

The closeness he enjoys with Raila will make his ride to the seat a smooth flow. Raila is even said to have given his blessings to Moha. The journalist has started his campaigns by giving out reflector jackets to boda boda riders.

According to a well place source the campaigns are being carried out ‘underwater’. He told the Nairobinews:

Alikua na ‘baba’ 2 weeks ago akipewa Baraka I think
“Kuna competition ya juu and at some point it may turn ugly. Kutoa Awiti ni ngumu,” cautioned our source.
“Then kuna cousin ya Joho anaitwa Saidoo, yuko Kwa race. There’s also bayusuf son. Kuna one of KCC director anaitwa Yassir yuko kwa race pia.”

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