Monday, August 3, 2015

Sad: St Patrick’s Boys Raid Girls School For Sex Session Arrested While Others Flee After Being Given A Dog’s Beating…Students Were Armed With Condoms (See Full Details)

Marauding St Patrick Boys students who raided Sing’ore Girls for s3x session with some of the girls were repulsed and twelve of them arrested.

The 40 schoolboys made the six kilometers trek to the girls school after receiving text messages from some girls from the school.
One of the intruders who was seriously injured in the ensuing melee was hospitalized at the Iten County Referral Hospital.

According to Medical Superintendent Gastro Mugala, the student will have to undergo a knee surgery.

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The boys were lucky as they would have been shot as police had earlier been told that gangsters had raided the Sing’ore Girls.
Keiyo North Sub-County police boss Fredrick Ochieng was quoted by the Nation as saying:

“However, we were later told that boys from the neighbouring St Patrick’s Boys High School had sneaked into the compound with an intention of raping the girls…”

The script however took a rather different turn when girls who were not aware of the plot started screaming attracting neighbours who thought gangsters had attacked the school. Watchman responded swiftly and gave the students a dog beating forcing them to flee.

One students suffered a deep cut on his knee while others suffered barbed wire cuts.

Photo: The photo used is simply for illustartion purposes and is not associated with either schools

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