Saturday, August 1, 2015

Shame: DJ Izrael Badly Exposed By Gospel Artist….This Is How He Solicits For Bribes To Play Artistes Videos…(See Evidence)

Penetrating the local music scene is no child’s play especially if you are financially crippled. Artistes have to deal with a coterie of scavengers like DJ Izrael to have their videos played in leading TV stations.

This is why the Kenya entertainment is dominated by a select few whose music by every standard is mediocre. DJ Izrael was caught pants down for soliciting a bribe of Sh50,000 to play Phil Jay video in 40 channels.

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The corrupt DJ has made a name for himself and it’s a shame that he has to stifle other talents for his own selfish ends. Apparently DJ Izrael was given a platform by MSCK to play videos of upstarts artistes only for him to turn the program into a cash cow.

Check out the chat between the veteran DJ and Phil Jay.

[11:56am, 6/17/2015] Phil Jay: Sasa nifanye aje and u suggested so..
What was on your mind so that I work with ur idea
[11:57am, 6/17/2015] Dj Izrael: How much are yu comfortable to raise?
[11:59am, 6/17/2015] Phil Jay: I always work with target so maybe u say wat u need to play my videos
[11:59am, 6/17/2015] Phil Jay: Plz
[12:00pm, 6/17/2015] Dj Izrael: In those 40 channels... Give me at least 50k

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