Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Few Kikuyus Who Support Raila Odinga's Presidency Have The Following Amazing Traits……(See Details)

It must be mentioned from the onset that very few members of the Kikuyu, and by extension the GEMA community, support Raila Odinga presidency. However a few key personalities from the community have been his key supporters.

Here are the characters exhibited by the well-known personalities:

Believe in the rule of the law
John Githongo and Boniface Mwangi are two well-known activists who have gone against the grain and criticised former President Kibaki and current President Uhuru, who are their tribesmen, on issues to do with corruption and poor governance. The two have not come out to expressly state their support for Raila but their allegiance is an open secret.

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Hate Land Grabbing/corruption
Supporters of Raila Odinga from the GEMA community will do anything to protect grabbed including risking life and limb. It took the intervention of Boniface Mwangi to slow down the pace of land grabbing in the country.

Believers in legitimate businesses
This is best illustrated by Royal Media S.K Macharia and Kerochee Industry founder Tabitha Karanja. The two are arguably Kenyans most successful entrepreneurs who run legitimate businesses. S.k Macharia and Tabitha have always supported Raila and have paid price in the process by the successive governments.

Human Rights Defenders

ODM nominated MP Isaac Mwaura has been the true champions of albinos in Kenya and East Africa. He has been vocal and supportive of albinos.

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