Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sad: This Is How Uhuru & Company Plan To Ditch Ruto For Mudavadi In 2017….

The political terrain in 2017 will experience major tectonic shifts with new alliances formed and old ones dissolved. One of the casualty in the new scheme of things will be Deputy President William Ruto.

The DP political ascendancy to the top seat has been dealt a major blow on more than one front. When the US President Barrack Obama visited Kenya, he is said to have prevailed upon Uhuru to ditch Ruto for Musalia Mudavadi.

According to the CitizenWeekly, America is keen on grooming Uhuru to become their ‘blue eyed boy in the Great Lakes Regions as it fights terrorism and tyrants clinging onto power even after their terms have come to end, by tuning the constitution to suit their whims.

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The US is not keen on working with Ruto since he has been named in almost all corrupt scandals in the country. One way of getting rid of the DP is by fixing him at the ICC which the Americans are keen to execute.

Uhuru finds himself between a rock and a hard place. He needs Ruto Rift Valley voting basket to enjoy the tyranny of numbers to clinch to the Presidency in 2017.

This has pushed him to earmark Musalia Mudavadi as his possible Deputy President. It is worth mentioning that Luhya’s are the second most populous tribe in Kenya after the Kikuyu.

The grand scheme of things is to urge the Luhya community to take votes in their numbers. According the latest statistics from the National Registration Bureau (NRB) Western Kenya has acquired 285,582 new IDs coming second to Nyanza. Leaders from the region have been urging locals to acquire the documents in their numbers as they prepare for the 2017 general elections.

Leaders from Rift Valley who are privy to Uhuru’s machinations have been asking Ruto to run for the Presidency in 2017. The DP is hesitant given that he has no goodwill from other tribes. He knows that the only way he can ascend to the top seat is by getting the backing of Uhuru.

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