Danger Signs That Your Man Doesn’t Trust You


By Agnes Sikuku
Trust is vital in any relationship. Both men and women are not only supposed to be trustworthy but to also remain loyal at all costs. Sometimes men do not trust their women at all. Their reasons can be valid or invalid. Whatever the case, under no circumstances should your man mistrust you, it’s catastrophic. Here are facts to help you know if your man mistrusts you.

When your man doesn’t want you to go places, it goes without saying that he mistrusts you. You want to go to town, go to another town to run one or two errands but he won’t let you go. Forget the old tale that men are naturally insecure.Dont even be naïve and imagine he is possessive. In case he lets you go and he calls frantically like a person in a fire scene, he really mistrusts you.

He disapproves almost all of your girlfriends. Not that your girlfriends are angels, they have a thousand and one flaws which you also know. One of the flaws your man sees in them is that they can be of very bad influence to you. He imagines you are all pretty chubby liars.

Of course, most men pretend they don’t touch their women’s phone. Many like to label women as people who police them. In the event that you find your phone’s light blinking when you came from the kitchen beware that your man is nosing around. He wants to confirm his mistrust for you.

When a man utters statements like “women are not to be trusted” don’t imagine you are an exception. He hasn’t found traits like trust in you. Just like the rest deceived him and were stealing his heart, money and time then disappeared into thin air he thinks you are like them.

Don’t be deceived that a man forgets something in the house then comes back unannounced. The aim and key objectives is to find out if his wife, girlfriend or fiancé is fooling around with the driver, if she has left the house to see some other man or that man is in the house.

On other occasions the man may find it necessary to ask about his woman. He makes secret phone calls to the watchman at her place of work, gives mama mboga something to fill him in on what his woman does in his absence. Other men make it a habit to appear at their women’s places of work and even at home unannounced after along stay away. Incase such a man is a boyfriend and he doesn’t matter don’t feel guilty to let him know that you hate such surprises.

Trust is not only limited on the emotional part of the relationship. If you notice that your man cannot leave valuable items in your care know he thinks you are a thief. If his car logbook, land title deed, property and all his Atms are under lock and key its unfortunate. He imagines that you may disagree then you will not only park your bag with a million pairs of your designer jeans but with his property as well.

Every woman wishes to be her mans fantasy and to be the woman that gives him peace in his troubled situations. I don’t mean to babysit a grown man but to love him truly and to be always there. It’s therefore important that women build trust. Let your man know that you are the woman who won’t cheat no matter the circumstances. It’s a shame if your man mistrusts you and believes you are a trump that can betray him anytime, anyday and always.

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