Tuesday, November 17, 2015

This Is The Former MP Who Is Alleged To Have Made Busaa Dens His Home As He Repairs Radio For A Living (See Details)

A former high flying MP is allegedly eking out a living repairing radios in his Elukanji home in Kisa North ward, Khwisero constituency.

According to a well placed source, the former Khwisero constituency MP has been reduced to a pauper who whiles away his time in busaa dens.

The MP frequents Mupeli market to shop for groceries and would pass out for any ordinary villager who has never tested power until told otherwise.

The MP separated with his wife in what is attributed to his financial woes. To support himself, Bulimo repairs radios at his home at a small fee, our source shares.

Residents however aver that the former MP did so much in terms of development as compared to the incumbent MP Benjamin Andola Andayi.

The former MP is a frustrated man with locals wondering how he spent his money. Kenyan parliamentarians are among the highest paid in THE WORLD.

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Kennedy Mayienga said...

That story is offside vibaya sana. Bulimo is certified public accountant and a Partner in an audit firm called Global. Besides whats is if he repairs radios in the village, the guy is giving back to the society in a field that is not covered