Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Al Shabaab Allegedly Buries KDF Soldiers With The Kenyan Government Having No Idea How Many Are Dead Or Missing (See Details)

The Government of Kenya has no idea how many KDF soldiers have died. According to a post by Recce Kenya, Al Shabaab militants buried KDF bodies in unmarked graves in El-Adde.

Some soldiers who managed the escape the deadly attack cannot be accounted for yet as they are said to be hiding in bushes. President Uhuru Kenyatta has come under fire for not being in Nairobi to receive the survivors and condole with the families of the deceased.

Operation to rescue survivors is delicate according to the military top brass. Al Shabaab have claimed they claimed they killed 103 soldiers, figures that cannot be independently verified.

The post by Recce Kenya reads:

For those thinking that GOK is hiding info from them , no they are not.They are in the dark as much as you guys are,the KDF bodies have been buried by Alshabaab somewhere in El-Adde.Until the search and rescue team arrive in the abandoned El-Adde(Alshabaab & most residents have fled the town).Things are going slow because of the constant ambushes plus there are surviving KDF soldiers somewhere in the bushes along the road.First priority is to rescue the surviving soldiers

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