Thursday, January 21, 2016

Alfred Mutua Rubbishes Cord Rally To Be Held Tomorrow In Machakos, Says He Has Not Been Invited (Read Full Statement)


I have heard that there will be a WIPER NEC meeting to be held in Machakos followed by a political rally. I wish to state the following 10 points:

1. I have NOT been invited to the meeting or asked to help organize it on behalf of my Party because it is being held in my town. I have therefore, asked my deputy governor Bernard Kiala who, like me is an astute Wiper member, to represent me in the meeting.

2. I ask the organizers of the CORD/WIPER meeting and rally to be held in Machakos to desist from violence, incitement and hate speech. In the last Wiper meeting held in Machakos a few months ago, organized goons, allegedly answerable to some Wiper leaders, violently confronted Hon. Bishop Mutemi and Hon. Regina Ndambuki. The party meeting was also very confrontational against the two MPs whose only crime was standing my leadership of politics of development rather than politics of poverty.

3. I am a man of peace and believe in freedom of assembly and expression. Machakos residents are also peaceful people. The behavior of intolerance and insults that we have seen being carried out by some Wiper leaders since Wiper became part of CORD are shameful and should not be tolerated.

**4. We have been reliably informed that the Machakos rally will be used to confuse and mislead the people of Ukambani by declaring that our beloved Wiper Leader will be the sole presidential candidate for CORD, whereas we suspect that this is not true. For the sake of transparency, if Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka will be the sole CORD Presidential candidate, then the other CORD principals should declare publicly in Machakos tomorrow that they WILL NOT be running as Presidential candidates.

The leaders should also be aware that the people of Ukambani have long memories and will not accept to be lied to and used when goal posts are shifted before the general elections.

5. We suspect that the Machakos meeting has been called as a response to my launching of the people-centered Maendeleo Chap Chap Movement. The Machakos meeting was announced by the Esteemed Wiper leader in reference to the MCC Movement launch and initially planned for January 16th but postponed to January 22, 2016.


After the launch of Maendeleo Chap Chap Movement which is meant to galvanize all our efforts towards rapid development, there was a flurry of statements issued by senior WIPER Party leaders against me.

6. This took me by surprise because, as a member of WIPER party, I did not expect my party to come out so strongly against development of the people of our country who have languished in poverty for many years. The launch of the movement never mentioned any person negatively or attacked WIPER party.

7. I was perturbed by demands that I get out of WIPER and run for re-election JUST because I had decried the high unemployment in Kenya and especially in Ukambani where our youth and their parents have become apathetic and desperate.
8. It was interesting to listen to senior Honorable members question the importance of the development programs that we have carried out for the benefit of our people, such as the construction of Tarmac roads and improved health care.

9. It was even entertaining to hear some of the leaders claim that they will not allow any development projects that create wealth, provide water to our mothers and hope to our children to be undertaken in Machakos. Entertaining, not only because the words were being spoken in a Church, but also because they reflected an era that is way gone where politicians kept their people in wretchedness for the sake of political supremacy.

10. It was equally confusing to hear senior lawyers who are members of the party, and who understand the constitution better than I do, shamelessly participate in the political mob justice and forget the tenants of free expression, ability to develop new ideas and come up with new political paradigms as envisioned by our constitution.

I humbly welcome the CORD/WIPER leaders to our county and wish all of them a wonderful meeting. I will get a brief from my deputy governor later.

I also request all leaders to become friends of Maendeleo Chap Chap Movement as we all work together for the development of our people - that is the will of Almighty God and the reason we are elected as leaders.

Dr. Alfred N. Mutua

January 21st, 2015.

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