Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Attacked KDF Camp Had 240 Soldiers, Half Cannot Be Traced With Somali Army Suffering No Casualty (See Details)

Al Shabaab militants

The Kenya Defence Force (KDF) base in El Adde that was attacked by Al Shabaab elements had 240 soldiers, the Star reports.

It also emerged that the camp was led by a Major and four Captains in a compound they shared with the Somali National Army.

According to the Al Shabaab militants, they killed over 63 soldiers-a figure they have inflated to 103-, and kidnapped an unknown number of soldiers as prisoners of war.
A general with the NSA told Voice of America that Kenya received prior warning of an impending Al Shabaab attack but took no action.

Commander of SNA in Gedo region, General Abbas Ibrahim Gurey, told VOA Somali service:

"It was information we knew, the information was received, and they (KDF) were ready for it,"

SNA suffered no casualties as they had left hours before the deadly attack. Their camp is 600 metres away from the KDF base.

Col Obonyo has however denied reports that they ignored intelligence on an impending attack:

"It is not true that KDF received information of the impending attack and ignored it. In a war zone we collect all information, verify and use it. No military can afford to ignore intelligence information in such a situation. We use information from many organisation that work with us even outside Somalia and pass it on to our troops in Somalia"

The government has not given a comprehensive report of the number of soldiers killed or missing in action.

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