Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Editor Who Criticized Uhuru's Poor Leadership Skills & Corruption Thrown Out Of Nation Media Like A Stray Dog (See Details)

Galava has been fired

A Daily Nation Managing Editor for Special Projects who wrote an editorial critical of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wanting leadership skills has been fired.

Mr Dennis Galava penned the editorial on January 2 that highlighted wanton corruption presided over by the Jubilee administration among other ills that continue to bedevil the country.

In the termination letter signed by the Editor-in-Chief, Tom Mshindi, and the Human Resources manager, Galava is accused of not following ‘procedures while publishing editorial’.

The editor opined that he had written over 100 editorial pieces without any guidance or editorial procedures.

“I have penned more than 100 editorials and did not need guidance or any form of procedure before they were ready, so it is shocking when they talk of my not following editorial procedures or policy,"

“I actually learned of the said procedures in the suspension and termination letters given to me." Galava told a leading media house.

Mshindi who came under fire for suspending the editor said that they had only asked him to take time off.

Former Special Projects ME Macharia Gaitho faulted the decision to fire the editor in such a callous fashion. He shared this on facebook:

"Never in the history of the Nation has an individual responsible for a leader been publicly outed. As it is, action taken against an individual has doubly exposed Nation Media Group."

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