Sunday, January 24, 2016

Emotional Letter From A KDF Soldier To His Wife Before Their Camp Was Attacked By Al Shabaab.. He Was Among Those Killed (See Details)

Photo of Al Shabaab militants

Kenyans are yet to come to terms with the brazen attack of Kenya Defence Force camp by Al Shabaab in El Adde that left over 100 gallant soldiers dead.

President Uhuru Kenyatta has stated categorically that Kenya will not be cowed by the Al Shabaab cowards and KDF will only leave Somalia when peace prevails in the war torn country.

Here is a moving letter a KDF soldier wrote to his wife before he was mauled by Al Shabaab bullets:

Kuom Jahera na Auma

Greetings from Somalia. How are you? And how is my mother? Did you finish re- building the kitchen and did mother get the cow dung from Min Akoli? She told me that her owuoyo was the best in the village, I told her to get it and I will pay for it when I come back home.

I'm fine, we are doing our best to stop these Shabaab from crossing the border, everything is fine except for the weather which can be scorching sometimes and the network here is so poor I cannot even call you. I miss you, Auma. Oh! How I long to hear your voice my love. How I long for your kuon gi apoth, how I long to touch your soft skin and hold you in my arms all night my love, do you remember that day behind that baobab tree? Those are the memories that keep me going when things get tough here.

I know your fear for my life and I know you preferred I stay at home and dig, but no I will do whatever it takes to give you a comfortable life .I am strong like a rwath. I will fight these Shabaab gi thuon, I will defeat them and I will return home to you my love. Haven’t I always returned? When they deployed me to Wajir and Narok didn’t I come back home? Worry not my love, I will bring you those skirts you love and I promise you on my father’s grave I will come back home, Wait for me tomorrow. Say hallo to mother and tell my sister to work hard in school

An Chwori, Okoth.

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