Friday, January 22, 2016

Here Is The Of Photo Of One Of The KDF Soldier Who Died Protecting Our Country (See Photos)

Al Shabaab militants

Kenyans have put their political differences aside to mourn with the families of Kenya Defence Forces heroes who died protecting our country from Al Shabaab elements.

The government has not yet released the number of casualties as rescue mission is ongoing in El Adde. Al Shabaab propaganda mill has claimed that they killed 100 plus KDF soldier.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has said that ‘We stand together as Kenyans, no government, no opposition’.

Kenyans yesterday converged at the Freedom Square to show solidarity with our selfless military and send a strong message that Kenya will not be cowed into leaving Somali until peace prevails.

President Kenyatta has said that All Kenyans are united in prayer regardless of faith during his speech in honor of the fallen soldiers at Memorial Hospital.

Here is the photo of Opondo Kings KOpondo.

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