Friday, January 29, 2016

It Was 'Nonsense' For Raila Odinga & Joho To Name Road After Fidel Odinga, Koigi Wamwere States (See Details)

Koigi Wamwere

Cord leader and Governor Hassan Joho erred in renaming the new Nyali Road after Fidel Odinga, who died under mysterious circumstances early last year.

According to Koigi Wamwere, the move by the two was an insult to Fidel Castro whom the late Fidel Odinga has been named after.

This is what Koigi shared on facebook:

Raila Odinga Falls Into The Dishonor of Grabbing Honor for His Son.

It was very embarrassing for Raila Odinga and Governor Joho of Mombasa to name a road after Fidel Odinga just for being the son of Raila Odinga. While Fidel Castro of Cuba after whom Fidel Odinga is named has not named a single road after himself, despite having the power and influence to do so, it is quite clear that what we have seen is just a microcosm and precursor of the Raila regime awarding family members, friends and political cronies with honor, money and jobs. Will Odinga have the temerity to criticize Uhuru Kenyatta if he too names some airport or university after his son or will Raila be content to share with Uhuru the loot of honor? I salute Mwai Kibaki for the humility of not naming roads and whatever after himself. The entire saga is a great insult to the name of the great revolutionary Fidel Castro of Cuba.

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