Larry Madowo Apologizes To Raila & His Supporters After Calling Him A Big ‘Fart’ (See Apology)


NTV news anchor Larry Madowo has finally apologized to Cord leader for calling his expose ‘nothing more than a fart’.

Madowo, who is famed for his popular Trend Show, came under a barrage of criticism from Raila’s supporters thanks to his unwarranted sentiments.

Respected blogger Cyprian Nyakundi and Jacob Juma were among those who questioned his objectivity as a journalist.

Die hard supporters of the Cord leader threatened to abscond watching his Show and advised him to concentrate on interviewing socialites.

Madowo has since apologized in a tweet: I apologize for my explosive Eurobond tweet. The responses have degenerated into a tribal war & that wasn’t my intention.

Here is the tweet from Madowo apologizing to the Cord leader.

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