Larry Madowo To Report Those Who Threatened Him For ‘Insulting’ Raila As ‘Fart’ To The Police (See Details)


Larry Madowo

NTV news anchor Larry Madowo will report those who made threats to his life, following a tweet that equated the Eurobond expose by former Prime Minister as a ‘fart’, to the police.

In a post he penned on Daily Nation titled This is what happens when you upset Raila Odinga supporters, Madowo castigated those who reiterated to his tweet with threats of physically harming him if he was spotted in certain places.

Part of his article read:

I was insulted in every way possible by thousands on social media and there were more than a few credible threats to my life which I will be reporting to the police. Several people even promised physical violence should I show up at certain places.

His tweet that read: “Show of hands, who else was expecting an explosive list from Raila Odinga and all we got was nothing more than a fart?”, infuriated Cord supporters who demanded that he apologizes or face dire consequences.

He shared the following tweets of his new found detractors:

“Kneel at the shores of Lake Victoria and call the name of Raila three times at the full glare of cameras. Then present a black goat without blemish to The Luo Council of elders. Raila is an institution not an individual.”

“We dealt with Miguna Miguna who was well educated, so who are you to abuse Baba???! Larry Madondo???” Wuod Nyauyoma posted on facebook

“Idiot still, how can you just call him Raila Odinga? He is Honourable Prime Minister Raila Odinga, you better shut up you unmarried old boy,” Abraham Gamba opined

“If I was your boss, I would have sent you back to internship, who are you to compare & contrast Raila’s list, useless goat,” tweeted Matthew Mola.

“You are a young man who is an imbecile,” Jacob Juma remarked.

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