Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Has Mugo Wairimu Gone Totally Insane? (See Shocking Posts)

Jubilee blogger Mugo Wairimu has gone under stinging attack following his post castigating sex pests on social media.
Mugo was last year arrested after he filmed raping pregnant women in his Githurai clinics.

This is what he shared:

Why do potential employers sexually harass young girls desperate for jobs? Aren't there no laws to deal with such sex pests? Very sad

The rape doctor, as he came to be known, has been called all manner of names by social media users following his post.
Here are some the reactions :

MN Kairu Are you sure you are asking this when wewe mwenyewe you are a professor in this???

Sami Fahim Pwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha very funnnyyyyyyy....the other day you were on top of mango trees somewhere in Limuruuu hiding from. Police... Ulido nini?

Franky Freddie Hahahahahaha! wa kweli Nyani aoni Kundule,,,,Nimechoka na hii Kenya i think i'll migrate to Eritrea...

James Njoroge You can dare post that while the other day you were in the public domain for all the wrong reasons? You should answer that!

Seasoh Baba Gweth A case of pot calling kettle black!!!

Kogi Wa Kariuki mugo please keep off sex topics,whether u r guilty or not,u lack the moral standing to discuss them

Mugo Wa Wairimu has also stated that he will run for a parliamentary seat in the forthcoming general election.

This is what he shared:

YES, I'm going for ROYSAMBU parliamentary seat in 2017. That's what my heart tells me. Make no mistake about it~ No one is behind me but I believe a have a righteous wind on my back.... I know all manner of personal attacks will be used against me but believe you me, from 2017, I'll fight for Kenyans not from Facebook but from August house...

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