Thursday, January 21, 2016

Somali Locals Thank Al Shabaab After Deadly Attack On KDF Heroes (See Details)

Image: Al Jeezera America

Locals are said to be in a celebratory mood following the deadly attack on a Kenya Defence Force base in El Adde that left over 100 soldiers dead.

According to a report seen by the Standard, ‘The locals appeared to thank Al Shabaab for assisting them’.

This is said to emanate from clan differences between the Marehan and the Ogaden. KDF is conducting investigations to establish the involvement of the locals in the brazen attack.

Kenya Special Forces are in El Adde on a search, rescue and recovery mission. KDF has launched attacks on Al Shabaab hideouts in El Gaduud.

It is not clear how many Kenyan soldiers were captured or killed in action. The government has remained tight lipped leaving families guessing what could have happened to their loved ones.

So far 31 bodies have been recovered and flown to the country.

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