Saturday, January 16, 2016

Those Sending & Sharing Images Of Dead KDF Soldiers Will Be Arrested, Nkaissery Warns (See Details)

The public has been warned against sharing pictures and messages of slain soldiers following the brazen attack on their El Adde base by Al Shabaab militants.

According to the Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Nkaissery, such images go a long way in glorifying terrorism and those found to be doing so will be arrested.

The CS did not give count of the number of KDF soldiers who had been killed. The militants claimed that they managed to kill 63 soldiers but the figures could not be independently verified.

Al Shabaab are known to inflate the number of causalities as part of their propaganda.

President Uhuru reiterated his earlier position that Kenyans soldiers will not be cowed by cowards-read Al Shabaab-into leaving Somali until lasting peace is found.

This is the heaviest casualties KDF has suffered since it entered Somali. Locals claimed that KDF fled from their base when it was over run by the militants.

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