Waiguru Sues Muthama, Khalwale Over Allegations That She Is Uhuru’s Secret Lover (See Details)


Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama

Senators Johnstone Muthama (Machakos) and Bonny Khalwale (Kakamega) have been sued by former powerful Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru after they allegedly claimed that she was President Uhuru Kenyatta side dish.

The two questioned the rationale of retaining Waiguru as Devolution CS, even after her ministry was linked with the disappearance of over Sh700 million, during a Cord rally held in solidarity with striking teachers on September 23, 2015, in Uhuru Park, Nairobi.

Muthama said of Wiaguru: Mr President, you are the only person who knows the amount of money that was pocketed by Anne Waiguru. All I am asking is, is Waiguru sweeter than honey.

Kakamega Senator was quoted as saying:

“We Kenyans want you to tell us what is this special relationship you have with this woman called Waiguru.

“Uhuru has taken twenty-five billions and has given it to this woman.”

In a defamation suit seeking an unknown amount Waiguru states:

“I was shocked to hear the two address a crowd at Uhuru Park and accuse me of being a thief, corrupt and an embezzler of public funds. They spoke about me in derogatory terms alleging that I was immoral, promiscuous and engaged in immoral conduct”

Waiguru, who has since resigned, said that the allegations by the two were broadcasted live on television and found their way in the mainstream media, social media and websites.

She went on to say that the statements have damaged her character and caused her family anguish and distress.

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