Breaking: How Anne Waiguru, Her Sister And Mutahi Ngunyi Stole Sh791 Million From NYS #WaiguruDeals


Former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru was the main player in swindling NYS sh791 million, according to a sworn affidavit by Josephine Kabura.

Ms Josephine Kabura Irungu revealed how she first met Anne Waiguru and how she assisted her to get tenders at the National Youth Service.

Part of the affidavit read:

I met Ann Mumbi Waiguru while working at KDN in 2012.

I took my CV to her house in Runda, Evergreen House No. 29.

Ann Waiguru said she could link me with influential and resourceful contractors at the Finance ministry, including Mr. Karani Nyamu.

I was interested in securing ICT jobs at IFMIS directorate.

Ann Waiguru gave me small jobs like technical maintenance of her sliver Mac book laptop.

In 2013 campaigns took over events but Ann Waiguru promised to give me jobs when appointed CS.

August 2014, CS Waiguru invited me to her house in Runda Evergreen House No 29.

Waiguru wanted my personal documents:

Copy of national ID


Copy of PIN certificate

Between August-September 2014 CS Waiguru introduced me to:
1. Her PA Betty Maina
2. Hassan Noor
3. Adan Harakhe
4. Mutahi Ngunyi-NYS consultant
5. Loise Nyamu Mbarire

I was given a secure phone.

She was to be the only to caller and was instructed to switch on the phone between 7am-9 am and 7pm and 9 pm.

4 people excluding elder sister to assist in processing tenders and payments.

Loise’s, Waiguru elder sister, to pay supply agents and move profits.
CS Waiguru instructed I open banks account at Family Bank, KTDA Plaza. Waiguru called Raphael Ndunda an employee of family bank-who was the Head of Compliance.

He instructed Raphael Ndunda to ensure accounts were opened and operated with no hiccups.

In November 2014, I received my first LPO for delivery of construction materials for Kibera projects by Hassan Noor.

CS Waiguru loaned me Kshs 1 million for a computer accessories shop. She also provided seed capital to start supply of Road construction materials.

I was given Ksh 24 Million by Waiguru’s sister. Upon delivery of materials Mr Mutahi Ngunyi gave me details of an account and instructed to deposit Ksh1.5 Million.

I told the CS Waiguru about it and was told to proceedd as told by Mutahi Ngunyi. CS Waiguru was fully aware of transactions leading to payment of Ksh 791 Million.

CS Waiguru knew that projects and payments were genuine and was involved at all levels and held several meetings with me.

After CBK questioned NYS payments, Waiguru summoned me at her Runda home. I met Mutahi Ngunyi, Mr Adan Harakhe, Mr Hassan Noor and Mr Mugwanja.

He advised her to backdate a letter on the purported stolen password. Mr Mugwanja was to officially take charge of investigations and CS Waiguru to be the whistle blower.

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