Cecelia Mwangi Reveals Why She Dumped Broke Mungatana (See Details)


Former beauty queen Cecelia Mwangi has finally revealed rhe circumstances that led to her parting ways with former Garsen MP Danson Mugantana.

Cecelia, who is the anti jigger ambassador, said that they haven’t been in talking terms with the Garsen MP for over one month now.

The beauty queen told a local daily that they parted ways amicably. She told Word is

“A lot of people have been pestering me, always asking me where my baby-daddy was. It’s now time to tell the truth. I have never had the perfect answer to that question and I always tell them to go and ask him themselves where he’s been,” Cecilia said. “As a matter of fact, however, we already ended our relationship and went our separate ways over a year ago. There were no scuffles prior to our decision. We simply sat down like two mature adults, had a sober talk and decided to part ways.”

She said the decision to call it quits was necessary to allow them have “peace of mind”, both socially and in business.

“Personally, I felt was at a stage where I needed back some peace of mind. We no longer communicate. No phone calls, no messaging… Nothing at all. We now live our separate lives. We don’t even share responsibilities for my daughter. I am a hard-working and responsible lady, capable of taking care of her needs to the fullest.”

So why didn’t they settle down in marriage?

“There were rumours in the media that we were readying ourselves for a wedding. There was nothing like that. That was just a fabrication of the media as there were no marriage plans in the first place. However, I didn’t take offence when the said falsehoods were reported because I have bigger things to deal with, and pursue, than dwelling on non-issues,” said Cecilia.

Is she seeing anyone now?

“Ha ha… I am in a ‘single and not ready to mingle’ kind of a situation right now. I feel so happy being single. It’s a nice situation to be in. I feel so in peace with myself, knowing that

there is no one to bother me both in spirit and socially. I am happy taking care of my little daughter alone and nothing else can beat that. I also have my projects to pursue and dating is currently not in my to-do list,” she said.

The testosterone driven MP is known for dating a litany of beauties.

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