Monday, February 8, 2016

Did Former Deputy CJ Nancy Baraza Pinch Security Guard After She Tried To Bar Her From Buying C0nd0ms and A V1brat0r? See Details

The level at which radio presenters stoop to attract listeners has hit a new low after it emerged radio presenter Maina Kageni cooked up a story that former Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza pinched a security guard after she barred her from purchasing c0nd0ms and a v1br@tor at a chemist.

Nancy Kerubo was forced to resign following allegations that she had pinched a security guard, Rebecca Kerubo, at the village market after she stopped the former Deputy CJ to frisk her.

Maina Kageni picked cue and went ahead to claim that Nancy Baraza was going to a phamarcy in the mall to purchase the items.
She accused the Classic FM presenter of propagating a lie that completely tarnished her name.

Baraza said of Maina:

‘Somebody shapes a discourse and it is picked by everybody…”

"I went to buy some medicine for my medicine and what did the media say”.

“My discourse was shaped by a man called Maina Kageni .. I hear people listen to something a called Maina Kageni……The conversation was that Nancy Baraza had gone to that pharmacy to buy c0nd0ms and a v1br@t0r”

Maina distanced himself from the allegation and invited Nancy for a cup of coffee inorder to clear the air.

Baraza has kept a low profile since her altercation with Ms Kerubo that led to suspension and subsequent dismissal as the Deputy CJ.

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