Monday, February 22, 2016

Obama Gives Museveni One Hour To Release Besigye Or Else....

Kizza Besigye has been a state guest more than once

Yoweri Museveni Trounced Kizza Besigye in a hotly contested Presidential election

Besigye has stated that he won’t recognize the election terming the exercise a ‘sham’

Museveni won by a margin of 60.8 per cent followed by Besigye who garnered 35.4 percent of the votes

The United States has given Museveni one hour to release Besigye or face unspecified action. Kizza Besigye has been under house arrest since February 20th after he disputed the election results.

According to the opposition chief, the Presidential election was a mockery of democracy.

The European and Commonwealth election observers have criticised the poll that favoured the incumbent from day one.

President Barrack Obama condemned the arrest of Besigye and asked for his immediate arrest.

Part of the press statement from the US department of state read:

“Delays in the delivery of voting materials, reports of pre-checked ballots and vote buying, ongoing blockage of social media sites, and excessive use of force by the police, collectively undermine the integrity of the electoral process. The Ugandan people deserved better. We are also concerned by the continued house arrest of opposition presidential candidate Kizza Besigye. We call for his immediate release and the restoration of access to all social media sites”

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta came under heavy criticism on social media platform for congratulating Yoweri Museveni.

Kenyatta and Burundi President Nkuruzinza are among the few President who have congratulated Museveni re-election.

However, the African Union was quick to commend Uganda for a peaceful and fair electoral process.

Yoweri Museveni garnered 5,617,503 votes (60.75%),Abed Bwanika 86, 075(0.93%, Baryamureeba Venansius 51,086(0.55%, Benon Biraaro 24,675( 0.27%, Kizza Besigye 3,270,290 (35.37%, Joseph Mabirizi 23,762(0.26%, Maureen Kyalya 40,598(0.44%)and Amama Mbabazi managed to secure 132,574 (1.23%.

Besigye has said he will move to court and asked the international community not to recognize the Presidential elections.

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