Monday, February 22, 2016

Sad: Sonko Buying Youths ‘Third’ Generation Alcohol In Malindi To Win Their Votes-Photos

Kenyans have castigated the Jubilee administration operatives who have been buying youths ‘third’ generation alcohol in Malindi in a bid to woo them to vote for Philip Charo.

A win by JAP will embolden them and deal Cord a major blow. Malindi is considered a Cord stronghold and the party luminaries are doing everything to ensure that Willy Mtengo clinches the seat.

Mike Sonko has camped in the area to campaign for Charo. He was spotted in a drinking den enjoying mnazi brew with locals.

Some of the people drinking with Sonko looked like teens wrote a concerned citizen.

President Uhuru has been on the forefront fighting second generation alcohol that has rendered many able bodied men useless.

A concerned Kenyan shared this on facebook:

Mike Sonko, the JAP point man in Malindi's campaigns seen here drowning teenagers (most of whom are 13-17 year olds) with mnazi brew and panadols. That's JAP agenda for the youth in Malindi and Coast. When it comes to central or places dominated by our tribe, they are given soft loans to start businesses which are later written off.

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