Shock As Elderly Man Dies During S3x Marathon, Rushed To Hospital With Prost}tut3 Attached On Him Forcing Doctors To Do This-See Photos And Video


-Elderly man in China dies during a night of merry making with the woman attached on his manhood

-Surgical procedure had to be undertaken to detach her from her client

-The rare position the pair found themselves in is refered to as penis captives where the v@gina clamps on penis making it impossible to withdraw.

A night of merry making turned tragic after an elderly died while banging a prost3tut3 in China.

The woman was stuck on her client, in what is referred to as penis captives-when a woman v@gin@ holds captive the penis- in medical parlance, forcing them to be rushed to hospital by paramedics.
A widely circulated video show paramedics rushing the dead man with the woman on top of him to a hospital.

The woman, whose identity was hidden, had to be detached from the dead man through a surgical procedure.

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Causes of such deaths are blamed on a number of cardiovascular problems.

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