Foods To Try While in Mombasa


Mombasa is one of the beautiful cities located in the Coast of Kenya. It is also the second largest city in Kenya. Apart from its beautiful sandy beaches and historical sites, Mombasa also has interesting things representing the Swahili culture. The city is home to the Swahili and they cook some of the most delicious meals in the country. Some of the dishes you must try while in Mombasa include:
1.      Mahamri
This is a form of dried bread that is almost similar to mandazi. The only difference is that mahamri is made with coconut milk. Mahamri is a common dish among the Swahili people and can be taken for breakfast. They are sold all over Mombasa so they will not be difficult to get. They can be eaten plain but they taste even better when eaten with mbaazi, pigeon peas cooked in coconut extract. You can put some mbaazi in the mahamri and eat them together.
2.       Kaimati
Kaimati is also known as sweet dumplings. It is a sweet snack that is also popular among the Swahili and loved by many who taste it. There are 2 popular methods of making kaimati. The first method involves glazing the cooked dumpling with sugar and the second method involves placing the cooked dumpling in sugar syrup so that it can absorb the sugar. They can be eaten with coffee. The snack is common especially in the evenings so it will not be hard to find.

3.       Pilau
Pilau is a dish of rice cooked in stock and fish, meat or poultry may be added to it. The rice is usually flavoured. The dish originated in the Middle East but it landed in the Swahili culture since Mombasa was greatly influenced by the Arab. Although pilau is cooked in most places in Kenya, the Swahili mix ingredients that make the dish so delicious that you will never forget it.
4.       Viazi Karai
The proper name for this dish is ‘Viazi Karanga’ but because in most places they are sold in Karais (basins), they are referred to as Viazi Karai. The dish consists of potatoes dipped in batter then deep fried. The dish is usually served with tamarind source, commonly known as ‘Ukwaju’ in Mombasa. It can also be served with tomato gravy or chatini. Chatini is a sauce made from grated coconut. It is thick and sour ingredients may be added.

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