Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How To Ace a Job Interview

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Many people may have very attractive C.Vs that most employers love to see. However, they may not get the jobs they apply for despite being called for numerous interviews. Apart from having a good C.V, we also need to know how to prepare ourselves for an interview. This will increase your chances of getting employed.

How to Prepare for an Interview

1.       Know the Company
Before going for the interview, learn as much as possible about the company. This will show the interviewer that you are interested in the company. You can visit their website and social media pages. Some of the things you can read about include the company’s values and objectives and its recent activities.

2.       Be Familiar With the Job
When applying for the job, you probably read the job description. Not all tasks to be performed are listed on the job description. Research about what is required for that particular type of job. Employers are more likely to employ those who know what is required of them.

3.       Know Your Strengths
Know what strong points you have and try to see how your strengths make you the ideal person for the job. Additionally, try and see how your strengths can benefit the company and help it accomplish its objectives.

4.       Be Positive
During the interview, try to answer all questions from a positive point of view. When asked about weaknesses, state them as strengths in progress. When asked about your former employer, do not talk negatively about him no matter how bad he may have been. You could simply mention you wanted a better opportunity to grow which is why you left your job. Employers always look for people who have a positive attitude since they will not be easily discouraged if things do not go as expected.

5.       Be Relaxed
Do not be so anxious during the interview as you will probably not be in the right state of mind. Stay relaxed. That way, you are more likely to think clearly when asked questions. Additionally, the interviewers will take your relaxed manner as an added advantage as it shows you can be able to control your emotions even while at work.

6.       Be Smart

One of the most important things is to dress well. Being neat and modest will always earn you points with the interviewers. They will see that you will represent the company well if you are hired. 


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